Jennifer Lopez is 'having a blast' on the set of American Idol.
Speaking earlier with USA Today, Jennifer Lopez described co-judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler as 'the brothers I never had. I feel like for the first time, it's like the Idol mafia. It's like a big, tight team and we all protect each other and we all care about each other and we all want each other to do well. '
As well as working hard with Idol, Lopez has also been busying herself with her own return to the music industry. Lopez has gone back into the studio and her new album 'Love?' is set for release in April. Recorded with prestigious producers such as Tricky, REDONE and THE DREAM she describes it as a mix up of dance and urban styles: 'It's trying to put all that in one big bag, shake it up and hope something colorful and gorgeous comes out."
As reported this week, Lopez brought her 3 year old twins, Max and Emme, onto the talent show's set, proudly tweeting, "It's take your twins to work day at Idol."