Jennifer Lopez is "on the fence" about whether to return as a judge on American Idol for another season because she has a potential new film role in the pipeline.
The singer/actress sat on the panel of the talent show alongside Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson this year (11) and has since gone on to relaunch her music career with new album Love?, her first record since 2007's Brave.
Lopez, who is also working on her own Latin TV talent show, has yet to sign up for the next series of American Idol, and admits she is not sure if it is the right career move for her.
She tells Britain's Radio 1, "I don't know, I don't know (whether to go back). I haven't been forced to make a decision (yet) and I'm glad about that because, honestly, I'm very on the fence about it.
"I had an amazing time doing it and I loved it, but I have a lot of other things happening. It's going to come down to making a choice of what I want to do for the next year. We're not really at the breaking point of like, 'You have to make a decision right now!' - so I'm not. I'm enjoying the time of just waiting."
But Lopez admits she could be heading back to the big screen - as she is in talks to take on a new film role, which begins filming later this year (11).
She adds, "Yes, I'm thinking about doing one (a film) actually in September. I'm heavily into it, deciding. I miss acting - I did TV this year, I did the Idol thing, I've been working on my music for two years and so I haven't done a movie in a minute and then you realise two years have gone by since a movie. I really, really miss it. I wanna get back to it really soon."