Jennifer Lopez had a stalker living in her Hamptons mansion for six days without being noticed, with the deranged fan camping out on her pool house sofa and making himself feel right at home before someone actually questioned why there was a creepy guy walking around her property and police were finally notified.

Jennifer Lopez
How could someone become so infatuated with J-Lo? Oh wait...

As first reported by the New York Post, 49-year-old John Dubis allegedly parked right outside the $10 million Water Mill propert in plain sight, and calmly moved into the star's pool house for the mini-break. Sources close to the bizarre situation told the NYP that Dubis moved into the Hamptons mansion without permission in early August and after parking his car in plain sight out in front of the property, he moved into the star's pool house as though he had been invited over by the superstar as a guest. The stalker slept on her couch and even cleaned up parts of the property, as well as setting up his own blog to post snaps from his 'holiday.' Using the online pseudonym 'David A Lopez,' he wrote such bizarre comments as “Some more david and jenny art, Newport, RI,” as a caption for a snap he took of J-Lo's mansion.

J-Lo House
An aerial view of Jenny's Hamptons mansion (circled)

After evading Jenny's security forces for almost a week, he was finally spotted by one of her employees on August 8 whilst he was surveying the grounds, at which point he was confronted and asked what the heck he was up to. During the confrontation, Dubis claimed to be the divorcee's husband and when police finally arrived, he told them that he was the father to her children and that the pool house had been left open for him to use as he pleased. If this tale wasn't creepy enough, he also allegedly told the police that he had pleasured himself a number of times in her property, telling them that Lopez wanted him to “spread his seed throughout the world.”

Jennifer Lopez Live
Jenny was vacationing at the time of the break-in

Sources say that following his arrest, Dubis was sent for psychiatric evaluation in Riverhead, NY, to determine his mental state - which we assume isn't great. Previously, Dubois - a former fireman who retired in 2002 - has had other run-ins with the law, including an incident in which he was found driving without a license earlier this year. Also this year, Dubis was arrested for stalking and burglary and given a psychiatric evaluation after phoning J-Lo's mother and claiming to be her son in Briarcliff Manor. A spokesperson for Jenny has since said that the star had no idea about the incident and has since moved her vacation to the Hamptons.

J-Lo Live
Hopefully J-Lo is coping well following the stalk-off