Jennifer Lopez has tied the knot three times and been involved in a string of long-term relationships, but Ben Affleck calling off their fairy-tale wedding in 2004 is still a painful memory.

Jennifer Lopez
Lopez recalls splitting with Affleck in her new memoir 'True Love'

When the Hollywood star brought an end to their two-year romance, the 45 year-old songstress was left feeling heartbroken, frustrated and extremely emotional, but the constant Media pressure, who dubbed them 'Bennifer,' only intensified things.

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"When Ben and I split up at the moment when I thought we were committing to each other forever, it was my first real heartbreak," J-Lo recalled in her new memoir 'True Love.'

As soon as Lopez began dating to her 'Gigli' co-star in 2002, there was constant interest in their relationship, which may have contributed to their breakup.

"Being a couple that was on every tabloid cover for two years straight, hounded by the paparazzi and constantly judged," she wrote, "our relationship crumbled under the pressures of the media scrutiny that surrounded us."

In January 2004, just before their dream wedding was going to take place, the two stars suddenly separated.

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"(We) called off our wedding, ending our very public relationship in suitably dramatic fashion just days before we were to walk down the aisle of a fairy-tale wedding we had planned for months," Lopez continued. Once again, the media's presence made everything worse, as she remembered, "It was just the cover of a magazine or a headline to everyone else - today's joke, tomorrow's trash."

"It felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest," she said. "When the realization that I wasn't going to have the fairy tale family I wanted really set in, well, that was when I really started to fall apart."

Affleck called off their engagement in January 2004

Many people may take to alcohol, drugs or other ways of drowning their sorrows, but Lopez ended up finding another love rather quickly.

"I sought out comfort in another person," she confessed. "(I) tried to find someone who could make me feel loved and wanted in my loneliest hour." Here, the Grammy-winner is referring to marrying Marc Anthony in June 2004, only five months after her engagement was called off.

However, Lopez split with Anthony in July 2011 after seven years of marriage, but they are now amicably co-parents to her twins Max and Emme with him.