Jennifer Lopez had a ''full circle moment'' when she met Billie Eilish.

The 50-year-old singer and actress took her daughter Emme, 12, to see the 'Bad Guy' hitmaker in concert and got the chance to meet her afterwards, which left Emme - who is a huge fan of Billie - in tears.

And Jennifer has explained that seeing her daughter - whom, along with Emme's twin brother Max, she has with her ex-husband Marc Anthony - so emotional over meeting her favourite singer made her ''appreciate'' all the fans that have a similar reaction to meeting her.

Speaking as she was interviewed by her fiancé Alex Rodriguez for the second instalment of 'The Corp Season 3', presented by Barstool Sports - which he hosts alongside Barstool Sports' Big Cat - she said: ''Emme, my daughter, loves [Billie]. We had a real moment at the Billie Eilish concert that was like, 'Oh, my God, we're bonding right now, this is amazing, I love you!' ''

And Alex added: ''And Emme started crying.''

To which Jennifer continued: ''She walked in the room, Billie Eilish, after the concert. And my daughter goes [gasps and covers face] and I looked at her and I'm like, 'What's the matter?' Now she's literally in tears because since she's eight years old - now she's twelve - she idolised this girl and for whatever reason, her songs and the words she says she connects to and she loves her style and, you know, whatever it is, moves her.

''And I was like, 'Oh my God'. Like, it made me think like, 'Oh my God, my fans, that's why they're crying.' I never ... it never connected until I saw my daughter do it.''

Jennifer found the moment ''mind blowing'', and now has endless respect for 18-year-old Billie.

She added: ''I'm not articulating it well, but it was a mind blowing experience for me. It made me appreciate what I do more, my fans more, what Billie did for my daughter. You know what I mean? Like all of it was like a full circle moment. But yeah. Love we love Billie.''