Jennifer Lopez was “uncomfortable” playing a character she could relate to so much in ‘Marry Me’

The 52-year-old star plays superstar singer Kat Valdez, who learns her fiancé has cheated on her shortly before they get married and decides to take a leap of faith and marry a complete stranger, and the ‘On the Floor’ hitmaker – who has been married three times and is now in a relationship with Ben Affleck – bared “her soul” with the movie.

She said of her character: “She’s strong and confident, she’s a businesswoman and she’s a boss – but also, she’s just a regular person.

“She’s a regular girl who gets lonely and who needs love and who wants to feel like she has a home.

“There was so much about it that really I could understand.

“It was really about baring my soul. It was actually a little bit more uncomfortable than plauing a character that is nothing like you, because this was bringing real personal life experience into a role in a way that I’ve never had to.

Singer Maluma has made his movie debut as Jennifer’s on-screen ex Bastian and the actress thinks he proved himself to be a “natural”.

She told Britain’s OK! magazine: “Working with Maluma was a joy, it was so much fun.

“This was his first movie and his first time acting.

“I remember doing the first scene with him and going to the director and going, ‘He’s a natural, that’s good.’

“It’s not going to be weird or awkward, it’s not like he’s studied acting his whole life or anything like that, this was just him really doing it.

“We got really lucky because he was a really natural actor and he really understood what his role was and we had a lot of fun.”

However, Jennifer admitted Maluma was unimpressed by comparisons to his character.

She said: “I mean, it’s his charisma, you know? We needed somebody who could really pull off that they were a superstar, a recording artist, who was easy on stage, who girls would go crazy for and who was believable as a cheater.

“He hates that! He’s like, ‘You know I’m not this guy, this is not who I am, I am not Bastian.’ And I go, ‘I know, I know.’ “