Jennifer Lopez has undoubtedly had one of the most prosperous pop music careers ever, but unfortunately she cannot translate this success into her personal life, and the 45 year-old singer may have finally admitted her diva ways and excessive entourage could be the reason.

Jennifer Lopez
Lopez blames huge entourage for failed relationships

Lopez has tied the knot three times and been involved in a string of long-term relationships, but she has never been able to make one last because of her troop of helpers, including her manger assistants, hair and makeup stylists, etc.

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In her new memoir 'True Love,' the Grammy-winner exposes fans to her tumultuous private life, and on Thursday (Nov 6th) she gave them a sneak peak of what to expect while speaking with Hoda Kotb at New York's 92nd Street Y, the New York Post reports.

"There's a lot of people in my life and that's hard. There's people in the house. There's hair and makeup. It's a lot, I think, for someone to deal with," she said when asked about her failed relationships.

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"Forget about all the outside stuff, being judged, being under scrutiny in the relationship," she added. "I guess that adds in.but I think they would say that [the entourage] was a big part of their discomfort, if there was any."

Jennifer Lopez
Lopez opens up about split from Marc Anthony in new memoir 'True Love'

Lopez ended her 7-year marriage to Marc Anthony (third husband) in 2011, and they only officially divorced this past June. So what effect did this split have on her 6-year-old kids, Max and Emme, who were then 3?

"You don't really say anything to a 3 year old, because they don't really understand anything is happening.I remember like maybe after Marc wasn't in the house for about eight months, Max saying something because my dad came over," she said. "It was so painful.I go, 'That's my daddy,' and he goes, 'My daddy left me.' I said 'No, baby, your daddy didn't leave you. You know how my daddy goes home? Your daddy goes home, too.' You're just scrambling at that point. What can you say to a 3 year old?"