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Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth - Album Review

Jennifer Lopez


Bronx born Jennifer Lopez is no longer just a diva she’s an enterprise! Thanks to her incessant self-promotion we all know Lopez has her own range of everything from clothing, cosmetics, sunglasses, perfume and not forget, oh yeah, music With the title of her latest album ‘Rebirth’ sets to return Jennifer Lopez from her pre J-Logo roots.

This time going back to her musical roots and using the same producers as her debut album ‘On the 6’ including Rodney Jenkins,

Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth - Album Review

Timberland and Big Boi. It seems Jennifer Lopez has given up on perfecting her diva persona for a while and focused on creating her 5th album ‘Rebirth’ which as a result is a striking mix of midnight groove ballads like ‘Step Into My World’ and ‘I Got U’ with polished dance tracks such as ‘ Get Right’.

The first single ‘Get Right’ horn riff drills into your head almost immediately and you’ll soon catch yourself bopping along. Although the album has now caught your attention you will be slightly disappointed, however if you hunt there are some decent catchy R&B tunes like the Middle-Eastern influenced track ‘Step Into My World’ is undeniably seductive which is enhanced by Jennifer Lopez wisp voice. Throughout the record she is constantly proving how ‘true to the hood’ she is in ‘Ryde Or Die’ and ‘Hold You Down’ both are as coreless as Lopez’s voice.

‘Cherry Pie’ is Lopez’s attempt of a different music direction, yet knocking off Prince’s rock-guitar side on the way is never a good sign, yet somehow I must admit it’s catchy, and one of my favs off the album. ‘Whatever You Wanna Do’ has a retro-soul backing and soooo funky however lacks lyrical content big time, maybe the instrumental version will be better (finger crossed)

Yet love her or loathe her Jennifer Lopez knows the best way to deliver her limited vocal range on a record with the best tracks off the record being a mix of dancey hits like ‘Get Right’ ‘Whatever You Wanna Do’ (if you focus on the music) and ’Cherry Pie’ mixed with summer grooves like ‘Step Into My World’, ‘I Love’ and ‘I Got U’.


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