Review of Love? Album by Jennifer Lopez

After doing a little bit of this a little bit of that and having babies, J.Lo feels that now is the right time to return to the music scene as an artist. Although Jennifer Lopez might not have released a record since 2007, this doesn't mean she's been totally out of the public eye; this is a very talented lady and is the female version of a "Jack of all trades" perhaps a "J.Lo of all trades" the classier version you might say. Singer, Actress, Clothes Designer, producer, Dancer, Judge (American Idol) oh and Millionaire.

Jennifer Lopez Love? Album

So why has J'LO returned now? After appearing on American Idol viewers saw a soft, loving and caring side to Ms Lopez which has the public waiting with open arms that and the fact that she has been working on this album for over three years.

It is great to see artists grow into what they are today, remember all those years ago when J.Lo released 'If You Had My Love'? Well now she has lived a little and gained experiences she is finally ready to unleash her new album 'Love'

Opening track 'On The Floor' is a massive track and features Pitbull, originally released in February of this year, it was (quite rightly) the track chosen to propel J.Lo back into the limelight; it's quite simply a perfect summer pop song. The thing about J.Lo is she tends to produce better songs when she collaborates with someone and this thought is back up with 'I'm In To You' which is featuring Lil Wayne. J.Lo is bounces off Lil Wayne's lyrics and it enhances the track that bit more which gives a real edge to yet another fine pop song.

'(What Is) Love' sees J.Lo returning back to her roots, with her vocals delivered with a slight rap vibe whilst 'Invading My Mind' wouldn't sit out of place in a dance club, both these tracks add more dimensions to an already eclectic album.
Bonus track, is that just another way of the record company looking to make an extra buck? That's the cynic in me; 'Hypnotico' however is a pleasant surprise, normally these kind of tracks are throw away tracks, but this fits within the rest of the album like a glove. J.Lo proves that she still has what it takes even if it did take three years to write. Let's hope it's not another three years for the next album to be released. The one good thing about 'Love?' is that it has so many styles you're never bored with one sound because the next song is just so different.


Mark Moore

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