'Mockingjay' storms the US box office yet again on its second weekend like we knew it would, but what has made this chapter of the 'The Hunger Games' storyline such a driving success among audiences? Leading lady Jennifer Lawrence had a few ideas.

Jennifer Lawrence in Mockingjay Part 1
Jennifer Lawrence sees authenticity in 'The Hunger Games'

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' has so far managed to gross in excess of $254.4 million worldwide - not quite as much as its predecessors but still an impressive number as Katniss Everdeen's new challenges in District 13 captivate fans across the globe. The woman herself, Jennifer Lawrence, also being enamoured by Suzanne Collins' story, has a lot to say about what intrigued her so much about the story and characters and how it feels to capture a book character and bring it to life.

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'It's interesting when you're playing a character that's based off a book because we're huge fans of the books, everybody making the movies, and I was a huge fan of the character that I was reading', she revealed at a press conference. 'But at the same time my job is still the same, I still need to show up on set and do what feels real and find what feels authentic.' The realism and authenticity of the story - despite its vibrant setting and unlikely dystopian world - has certainly been enough to help fans relate to the story, and is the reason why so many people hold these characters close to their hearts. These are real people, with flaws and complex relationships and reservations about doing the right thing.

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'Something that I really loved about these books when I originally read them is that it's a fantastic story, but it's also a very important story to tell about how powerful just one voice can be', Jennifer points out. 'It can be scary; it is always easier to go with the more popular vote and to follow the person in front of you, it's really scary to stand up to a voice that's bigger than yours.'

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