In the coming months many of our favourite books will be making the leap to the big screen as Hollywood seemingly goes adaption crazy. From young adult favourites such as The Maze Runner to the family friendly Boxtrolls and of course Fifty Shades of Grey, here’s our pick of 10 book to screen movies we just can’t help getting excited for!

Ben Affleck in Gone GirlGone Girl - In Gone Girl Ben Affleck stars as the husband we’re just not sure we can trust as Gillian Flynn’s thriller makes its way onto the big screen. After coming home on his fifth wedding anniversary to find his wife Amy is missing, Nick Dunne is left trying to figure out what possibly could have happened to her. But as details of the couple’s seemingly blissful marriage are revealed in the media, suddenly more and more fingers start to be pointed at Nick. From the trailer, this one looks like it could be even better than the book thanks to Affleck’s believable performance and the casting of Neil Patrick Harris. Gone Girl hits theatres this October, but in the meantime you can watch the trailer here.

Dakota in Fifty Shades Of GreyFifty Shades of Grey - Perhaps the most anticipated book to movie adaptation in recent years, Fifty Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan as the seductive Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. While the book has famously been described as ‘mummy porn’, there are some fearful that the upcoming movie may be a little too tame for E.L. James’s loyal readers. Directed by Sam Taylor Wood, there’s no doubt that Fifty Shades of Grey will have one massive box office opening when it hits theatres on Valentines Day 2015. But if you just cant wait, you can first get a taste of the action with the newly released trailer here.

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The Maze Runner PosterThe Maze Runner - A cast of rising stars including Thomas Sangster and Kaya Scodelario star in this dystopian thriller which looks set to become the next big young adult franchise. Based on James Dashner’s best seller it follows the journey of Thomas, a teenaged boy who wakes up in a mysterious place known as The Glade with no memories other than his name. Along with the other boys held captive, Thomas must face danger and monster to solve the mystery of the surrounding maze. You can watch The Maze Runner trailer here, before it hits cinemas this September.

Horns PosterHorns - In Horns, Daniel Radcliffe swaps his Harry Potter scar for some actual horns as Ig a guy in the middle of the worst possible year. Based on Joe Hill’s novel Horns follows Ig, who after being accused of the rape and murder of his girlfriend wakes up to find he’s grown a pair of horns on his forehead! What’s more, the horns give him the power to compel people to tell him their deepest secret. Released this Halloween (when else), Horns looks like the perfect mix of dark humour and horror, with Radcliffe giving another career changing performance. Take a look at the trailer here.

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The Giver starring Jeff Bridges & Brenton ThwaitesThe Giver - Lowis Lowry’s 1993 novel finally makes it’s way onto the big screen this August in Phillip Noyce’s adaptation, starring Jeff Bridges. Set in the future, The Giver depicts what first appears to be a utopian society that has evolved to be free from pain. But as 16 year old Jonas is selected to become the new Receiver of Memories he soon releases what had to been given up in order to achieve this so called utopia. Released later this month (August), Meryl Streep and Brenton Thwaites also star, with Taylor Swift appearing in a supporting role. Watch the trailer here.

The BoxtrollsBoxtrolls - Alan Snow’s Here Be Monsters! is renamed The Boxtrolls for this animated adventure featuring the voice talents of Elle Fanning and Ben Kingsley. The film follows the story of Eggs an orphan boy raised by a group of underground trash collectors called The Boxtrolls. However Eggs’s adoptive family soon come under threat when an evil exterminator named Archibald Snatcher threatens to wipe them out. You can watch The Boxtroll’s trailer here ahead of the film’s September release.

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If I Stay starring Chloe Grace MoretzIf I Stay - Based on Gayle Forman’s novel, Chloë Grace Moretz stars as Mia, a 17 year-old girl lying in a coma after a horrific car crash which claimed the life of her parents and brother. As her life hangs in the balance Mia has an out of body experience exploring her past while she watches friends and family gathering around her hospital bed. One that’s sure to tug on the heartstrings, grab your tissues and watch the If I Stay trailer here before it is released in theatres this August.

The cast of This Is Where I Leave YouThis Is Where I Leave You - Jason Bateman and Tina Fey head up this dysfunctional Jewish family who are forced to spend a week together sitting shiva after the death of their father. Jonathan Tropper wrote both the book and the movie’s screenplay, while ‘Girls’ star Adam Driver also appears as the family’s resident playboy. Watch the trailer here and expect plenty of laughs here from Bateman and Fey as the squabbling brother sister duo when the movie hits theatres this September.

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Unbroken will be released later this yearUnbroken - Laura Hillenbrand’s non fiction book about World War II hero Louis Zamperini has been given the Hollywood treatment here by Angelina Jolie, making her directorial debut. The film will tell Zamperini’s story as he goes from Olympic track hero to Japanese prisoner of war after surfing a plane crash. British actor Jack O’Connell, seen recently in Starred Up, stars as Zamperini when the film comes to theatres this December. Check out the action packed trailer here.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Jennifer Lawrence is back again this year as Katniss in the first part of the final instalment of the Hunger Games trilogy. Yes instead of trying to condense Suzanne Collins’s final Hunger Games work into one movie, the filmmakers have gone all Harry Potter and will be presenting Mockingjay in two parts. You can watch the trailer for Mockingjay Part One here, which will hit cinemas on November 21st, with Part Two coming a year later.