Jennifer Lawrence has offered a unique charity prize for those prepared to fight political corruption – a night out getting hammered with her!

The 27 year old Oscar winner has teamed up with fundraising site Omaze to offer fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on a wine-tasting tour with her. All the proceeds from the raffle will go to, an organisation dedicated to fighting political corruption of which Lawrence is a board member.

If fans donate $10 or more to the cause, they’ll be entered into the competition, the winner of which will get a free flight for two to California, four-star hotel accommodation and a wine-tasting picnic experience with J-Law. Fans of Lawrence who are under 21 can still enter, but alternative beverages will be provided.

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence is offering you the opportunity to get hammered with her

In a brilliant promotional video, the star is seen with a generous glass of wine. “Hey, you. You want to help stop political corruption in America and drink a ton of wine?” she asks in the clip, as if the answer could possibly be anything other than ‘hell yes’. “Well, you’ve come to the right video.”

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After explaining the details of the prize, and how to enter, Lawrence says: “It’ll be great. We’ll hang out, drink some wine, talk politics, drink wine, maybe we’ll call your ex, maybe we’ll call my ex. Who knows? The point is, we’ll have fun.”

She goes on to play a game of ‘Movie Review or Wine Review’, in which she had to guess if a handful of excerpts from reviews were written to describe a bottle of wine or one of her films.

The Passengers and Hunger Games star has always been outspoken on politics and society. Just at the weekend, she waded into the huge Charlottesville story by sharing images of white supremacists on the march in the city. “These are the faces of hate. Look closely and post anyone you find. You can’t hide with the internet you pathetic cowards!” she wrote on Facebook.

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