Filmmaker Jason Reitman, who frequently directs live reads of hit movies as part of programming for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is in charge of The Big Lebowski event at the annual Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, Canada this Friday (24Jul15).

Reitman has already recruited Lawrence's X-Men co-star Michael Fassbender to take on the iconic lead role of The Dude, originally played by Jeff Bridges, and Reitman has now managed to get the Oscar-winning actress onboard to play Maude Lebowski as she is in town shooting X-Men: Apocalypse in Montreal.

He tells Entertainment Weekly, "As I heard it, Fassbender and the X-Men crew were flying back from ComicCon to Montreal. Apparently, the whole cast is coming to watch him Friday night. He's got a section for all his fellow X-Men. We had not found our Maude, and Jennifer Lawrence wanted in. By the time they landed, we had our Maude."

Lawrence is a self-proclaimed fan of The Big Lebowski after footage of her meeting Bridges for the first time at ComicCon in 2013 went viral. A clearly flustered Lawrence asked Bridges, "What was your favourite movie that you've ever done? Or who was your favourite character? Does it rhyme with The Shmude?"

Fassbender also convinced his new X-Men co-star Olivia Munn to join the live read to portray Bunny Lebowski, originally played by Tara Reid.