Jennifer Lawrence struggles with a constant feeling of guilt as a mom.

The Oscar-winning actress gave birth to a baby boy called Cy in February, and Jennifer admits that she's still trying to come to terms with the demands of motherhood.

Jennifer, 32 - who married Cooke Maroney in 2019 - explained: "Every day of being a mom, I feel awful. I feel guilty.

"I'm playing with him and I'm like, 'Is this what he wants to be doing? Should we be outside? We're outside. What if he's cold? What if he's going to get sick? Should we be inside? Is this enough? Is this developing your brain enough?'"

Jennifer stars in the new psychological drama film 'Causeway'.

And the acclaimed actress has explained how working through childhood trauma led her to appear in the movie, which centres on a soldier who suffers a traumatic brain injury.

Jennifer - who suffered anxiety during her younger years - told Viola Davis in Variety's 'Actors on Actors' series: "I think in working through childhood trauma, living with it as an adult, not being able to just get rid of it, and not being able to take a pill and make it go away, or have a good therapy session and have it go away ... I mean, I'm not a hero who's risking my life to save my country at all; I'm an actor.

"But when I read 'Causeway', even though the situations could not be more different, the idea of carrying this invisible injury and knowing that the healing is not linear - there is so much progress and then there's a step back. And she has this very complicated relationship with home.

"I also had a beautiful childhood. I also had parents who loved me as much as they were capable and did the absolute best that they could. That is also true.

"And I think that us being able to rip this story apart and me being able to add some things that, if I can see another person going through it, and I can have empathy for Lynsey, then I can start to understand how maybe I could feel empathy for myself. And so it really was such a healing process."