Jennifer Lawrence has delighted owners of the recently released American Hustle DVD by appearing in one of the disc's deleted scenes lip-synching to Santana whilst wearing rubber gloves and cleaning. Those who have seen the film will remember a similar, shorter scene where Jennifer mimes and dances to Wings' 'Live and Let Die' in front of her bemused son but the extended 'Evil Ways' clip goes all the way.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Dancing Skills In The Delete 'American Hustle' Scene.

With her big Hustle hairdo and heavy make-up, Lawrence, AKA '70s housewife Rosalyn Rosenfeld, is the star of her own front room as she shakes, shimmies and bops as she does the housework. For Lawrence's many fans (and there are indeed, many) the deleted scene will be a welcome Easter egg and a reminder of why they love the fun and quirky actress so much.

Jennifer Lawrence SAG
As If We Needed Any More Excuse To Be JLaw Fans.

Lawrence and her latest movie may have gone home empty-handed - with Lupita Nyong'o snatching away Jennifer's chance of a supporting actress award - but the we'd award the 23 year-old actress the year's prize for best lip-synch performance. You can find the video here and don't be surprised if you find yourself hitting replay a few times so you can perfect your JLaw air guitar.

Watch The 'American Hustle' Trailer:

The clip shows Jennifer crawling along the floor and flipping family portraits face down as her young son. Lawrence stars alongside Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale in the cheesy dramedy which charts the real-life story of the '70s Abscam heist.

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American Hustle
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