This is getting a bit ridiculous: Jennifer Lawrence could just about win the Ballon d’Or right now. Best Supporting Actress at the Baftas ahead of Sally Hawking and Lupita Nyong’o? Come on, really? We get that that Laurence is adorable, both in front of and behind the camera.

American Hustle cast Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence won big for her role in American Hustle

We also get that she’s a positive role model for young women with her organic approach to media and ‘normal’ appearance (her appearance is not normal, though is it). And while we get all that, it doesn’t mean she should just get all the awards.

Her role in American Hustle is sassy, funny and inventive, but there’s no way it should have been chosen ahead of Nyong’o as Patsy in 12 Years a Slave. And you can take your ‘we shouldn’t pit great actors up against each other’ rhetoric and shove it up your BAFTA.

Bottom line is: Lawrence is funny, beautiful and down to earth. She’s a perfect object of attention and desire from the media and her fans alike, and for that reason, she now enjoys a base level of success.

But hey, think about this: is Jennifer Lawrence overrated?

It’s okay to dote over the rich and famous for a while, everyone does it. But 12 Years a Slave was too important to be transcended by this J-Law nonsense. As a comedy crime jaunt, 12 Years a Slave served its purpose, and with a few frivolous turns from some family favourites, it certainly goes down as a success story. We shouldn’t mess about though.

If the Baftas end up serving as a reliable bellwether for rhe Oscars come March 2nd, then it might be finally time to drop the awards scene for good. What’s the point when the quality of film making and acting is overlooked by media popularity.