Jennifer Lawrence is still the odds-on favourite to win Best Actress at the Oscars next month for her turn in Silver Linings Playbook, but don't be surprised should Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain snatch the gong away from her after an awards' season filled with bad omens for the young Hollywood star. The first being that she's won Best Actress at pretty much every awards' show going - how many times have we seen that before a surprise knockdown at the Oscars?

Lawrence probably deserves the award; her comical performance opposite Bradley Cooper in David O'Russell's quirky movie was lauded by critics as her finest performance yet, though something in the air suggests the Hunger Games star may have to wait for her riches. It all started following her Golden Globes success, when Lawrence yelled "I beat Meryl!" upon collecting her award. Hollywood was instantly aghast - was this a sly dig at Meryl Streep? Lindsay Lohan certainly thought so. How dare she! Nobody criticizes Meryl! Anyway, Lawrence cleared up the controversy during an appearance on the David Letterman show, though we get the feeling she never quite recovered from it. Next up was the actress' hosting of Saturday Night Live during which she poked fun at Quvenzhané Wallis, her 9-year-old rival in the Best Actress category at the Oscars, quipping, "The alphabet called. It wants its letters back." To Jessica Chastain she offered, "In Zero Dark Thirty you caught bin Laden. So what? In Winter's Bone I caught a squirrel, and then ate it." Sure it was all in jest, though Hollywood still raised an eyebrow.

And then, of course, there was Lawrence's infamous wardrobe malfunction at the SAG Awards this past weekend, when her Christian Dior gown appeared to split in two.for some reason. It was a key moment too: all eyes were on the actress as she made her way onto the stage to collect her prize.

Will Jennifer Lawrence be an Oscar winner come February 24, 2013? Don't bet on it.

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