Excitement builds for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, as well as for the last films, Mockingjay parts 1 and 2, as more of the cast is revealed. This week’s addition is Aussie actress Stef Dawson, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The flame-haired Dawson is a newcomer to the world of blockbuster franchises, having previously starred in shorts and indie productions. The announcement of her casting comes after last week’s announcement that Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer had also been cast in the third and fourth films in Lionsgate's popular YA adaptation.

Stef Dawson, The Toscars 2013
Meet Stef Dawson - soon to take on the role of Annie Cresta.


Dawson will play a supporting character in Mockingjay – Annie Cresta. Annie is the District 4 victor of the 70th Hunger Games and the wife of Finnick Odair in Mockingjay. The story, stretching out over three books and what is to become four films, is that of a tyrannical state, Panem, ruled by a select few from the corrupt Capitol which keeps its citizens in control, by holding the Hunger Games each year – a brutal cross between a gladiator competition and televised entertainment, in which two tributes from each city (district) of Panem must compete.

Jennifer Lawrence, Cannes Film Festival
She will be joining co-star Jennifer Lawrence in the third and fourth installment.


Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) outsmarts the Capitol and wins the 74th Hunger Games along with her District 12 partner Peeta Melark. She then goes on to spark and eventually head a nationwide rebellion against the Capitol in the second and third books in the series. The next movie in the series, Catching Fire, hits theatres this year on November 22nd.