The Road to Perdition star reveals she and her castmates, including Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson, had to endure a lot as they filmed in freezing temperatures in Colorado, but feasting on bowl after bowl of the filling food really made them sick.

"You know, it was freezing and there was a lot of blood and there was (sic) a lot of like, punches, and things like that, but the hardest thing actually was eating... the stew, because we ate so much," she confesses on U.S. morning show Live! With Kelly & Michael. "We literally had to eat a gallon of stew... We were all vomiting stew, it was rough. It was days and days and days of (eating stew). Never again!"

The food problem wasn't Samuel's only issue on the set of the Quentin Tarantino epic - he was genuinely left doubled over in pain after pretending to take a shot to his genitals for one bloody scene.

"At one point, a sensitive part of my body was not properly tucked in and I felt it!" he laughs to late night host Stephen Colbert. "I really, really felt it!"