Parents at the school in Los Angeles attended by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's young daughter have complained to authorities over the constant presence of photographers.
Garner and Affleck's three-year-old girl, Violet, attends the First Presbyterian Nursery School in Santa Monica, California, along with Meg Ryan's adopted daughter, Daisy.
But other parents have become concerned about snappers hanging around the school gates as they scramble to take pictures of the celebrity mums and dads picking their kids up.
More than 30 concerned parents have now taken action, writing to Californian authorities asking them to curb the activities of paparazzi around the school - claiming the snappers increase traffic congestion and create a frightening atmosphere for the young pupils.
Local councilman Richard Bloom has visited the school and assured worried families that city officials will investigate any "intrusive and invasive" behaviour.
He says, "Celebrities may not like it but they get that this is something they have to accept and live with. I think there are limits as to what somebody should have to experience in this situation, but for the parents and children of the school, it's a very intolerable situation.
"Inside the school, there were parents who felt trapped. It has reached the point at this particular school where these folks feel strongly enough about it to contact a council member and ask if something could be done."