We love it whenever a celebrity fails to hold their life together and ends up showing that they are just as goofy as the rest of us. Jennifer Garner is the latest to drop her guard and has now become an internet-wide meme thanks to her weird facial expression at the 90th Academy Awards.

Jennifer Garner at the Vanity Fair Oscars partyJennifer Garner at the Vanity Fair Oscars party

It was during a moment where the audience was applauding, Jennifer Garner was clapping along just like everyone else before her expression changed as if something had just dawned on her. She suddenly stopped clapping for a moment looking somewhat disturbed, and perhaps a little confused.

'I can't even look at it. I can't. It's too embarrassing', she said when Ellen DeGeneres brought it up on her show. 'I have no control over this. What am I doing? I started getting texts, as you can imagine, people saying, 'What were you thinking? What's happening?' And I try really hard not to see myself online but it was a little unavoidable.'

As it turns out, Jennifer has no idea what was going through her mind at the time, and she expressed deep regret over that awkward moment. 'What is WRONG with me?!' She exclaims. 'I want to punch her [the image of herself] in the face'.

People all over social media were left to speculate what sort of epiphany Jennifer had just had, whether it was realising that she had left the oven on or that she 'forgot to leave the chicken out to thaw'. Needless to say, she can't think what it would have been.

'I wish I did, I wish I had a better story about it', she said. 'It might happen any minute!'

She's not the only star who has gone viral over their weird facial expression. During the 2015 Golden Globes, John Legend won the Best Original Song award with Common for their song 'Glory', leaving Chrissy Teigen in tears in the audience. It was kind of the weirdest cry face ever, though, and no-one has let her forget it.

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To make things worse for Jennifer, meanwhile, her assistant caught her on film still under the influence of nitrous oxide after a dental procedure. She was sobbing on the phone while talking about an emotional moment she had listening to the 'Hamilton' music during surgery.