Jennifer Garner has been keeping fit during lockdown with online dance cardio classes.

The 48-year-old actress has been following The Limit's HIIT and cardio workouts and called the dance classes the ''happiest, hardest workout of the week''.

She wrote on Instagram: ''Every morning of quarantine I have subjected myself to the evil, wonderful ways of @thelimitfit. @bethjnicely is sweet but, as they say, a psycho. We have done mostly HIIT workouts, but occasionally, I get invited to the cool kids' club and join Beth and @suttonlenore's hour of dance cardio craziness. Every Saturday these ladies take their show on the road for donation-only zoom Dance Parties (so far, they have given over $23,000(!!) to @colorofchange, @grassrootslaw, @savethechildren).

''I will be along for the ride and could use the moral support - please dance it out with us, I promise you will hate me and love me for inviting you! Sign up @thelimitfit. PS I take breaks, I don't remember steps, but it is still the happiest, hardest workout of the week. XXX (sic).''

Jennifer is a big fan of exercise and, in 2019, she revealed she boxed every day to get in shape for her movie 'Peppermint'.

The star portrayed Riley - a mother who wakes from her coma to discover her daughter and husband have been murdered in a drive-by - in the action revenge movie and admitted, although she was excited about the challenge the role entailed, she had to do a mixture of physical activities every single day to make sure she was in the best possible shape for the film.

She said: ''There was a lot of training, it was very physical. I was in pretty good shape going into it, and I said to them, 'You know, I know how to train for this movie, I can get where I need to go and I know what I need to do,' and they said, 'OK.' We did a lot of dance, cardio, but we also you know did crazy weights and I did bands, and did trampoline, and did everything. I also boxed every day, and then I trained with the stunt team.''