Jennifer Garner is experiencing ''heaviness'' during lockdown.

The '13 Going on 30' star - who has Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, eight, with her ex-husband Ben Affleck - is particularly worried about how her kids are coping amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on an Instagram Live with Chelsea Jackson Roberts, she said: ''I think right now, what I am experiencing, and a lot of what I am hearing from my girlfriends, and this is trivial in the overall sense of what the world is going through ... I'm really thinking about my kids. And what their experience is going to be. We have broadband, we have excellent teachers who can teach over Zoom - that is one in a million possibility in this world - and yet, it's also a depressing one. It is heavy, it's heavy for everyone. How do kids in this world not just live in all this heaviness?''

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously revealed her children see ''two versions'' of their famous mum, as she admits her career and time in the ''makeup chair'' may have ''complicated'' things for her kids.

She explained: ''I think it's probably extra complicated when you literally were nursed in the makeup chair as an infant, and have grown up sitting in your mom's lap while she got her makeup done your whole life. My kids know two versions of me: They know the version that I see in the mirror right now that looks crazy, and it's what they see 90 percent of the time. Other times, they see a version of me that I never saw with my mom or anything, where I'm done up, my hair's done, my makeup is done, so I wonder what that puts in [Violet's] mind.''