Actress Jennifer Garner rates her lesbian kiss with her ELEKTRA co-star Natassia Malthe as one of her favourite love scenes "ever".

The Hollywood star had never locked lips with a woman before her smooch with Malthe, but was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

Garner's past screen lovers have included ex-husband Scott Foley, ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan and current squeeze Ben Affleck.

She says, "I have to admit it's the first time I have ever kissed a girl. I didn't object to it, I didn't really think about it much, either way. When the time came, it was just a kiss.

"I think it's the only person I've kissed on screen where I'm making sure their lipstick is straight. Then we'd actually kiss, they'd say 'cut' and we would laugh and get on with it.

"I think it was actually one of the best kissing scenes I've ever done."

03/01/2005 14:09