Jennifer Ellison has stated that her 'Dancing on Ice' partner is her 'hero'. Jennifer Ellison, who has been skating with Dan Whiston all series but nothing cemented their relationship until the head injury that the star faced earlier in the series.

Talking to New! Magazine, Ellison said: 'Luckily as soon as Dan saw it, he stemmed the flow with his hand. The medics praised him for that. He's my hero! It was very deep. It 'tuliped', which means it split to the left and right. I've got a scar and a big clump of hair missing. The blade literally chopped it out.' In a skating move, Ellison had hit the back of head with her own skating blade and needed paramedic attention straight away. The 28-year-old added that she was 'really shaken' after the experience and she is very proud of the fact that she could return back to the ice after the ordeal: 'I was really shaken and it knocked me for six. The judges explained to me that it would knock even a professional skater, so I did really well just to get back out on the ice. I can't thank the public enough for getting so far. It means everything. I really want to do well. I'm just starting to feel like I'm getting things right.'

Jennifer Ellison can be seen competing in this series of 'Dancing on Ice' tonight (18 Mar 2012) on ITV1.