LEGALLY BLONDE star Jennifer Coolidge was personally hit by Hurricane Katrina, after buying two homes in New Orleans just months before the disaster hit the Louisiana city.

The actress has spent several years visiting the beloved city on a regular basis and, earlier this year (05), decided it was time to invest in some property there. But she admits her timing couldn't have been worse.

She says, "I'd been going down there for like 10 years; I'd go down like 10 times a year.

"And of course, I just bought two properties in the last five months to restore. They're pretty bashed up. One was in the French Quarter, and of course that was the only home blown to bits in the French Quarter. And then (I bought) one in the Lower Garden District. But they were the only sections that weren't submerged underwater.

"My boyfriend snuck in (to survey the damage). I don't know how he did it. He went down with another guy. They were down there to rescue some dogs and some cats and some goldfish." But Coolidge is confident she'll be able to enjoy her homes one day in the future, adding, "They're gonna rebuild that city, and I'm gonna retire there."