Jennifer Coolidge hates Spanx.

The curvaceous actress - best known for playing Stifler's Mom in the 'American Pie' movies - refuses to wear the slimming shapewear to suck in her stomach and bottom because the undergarments are so tight they make her feel nauseous.

The 51-year-old blonde bombshell told the New York Post newspaper: ''I hate Spanx because even though they look so good under your clothes, sometimes mid-wedding I'll be like, 'I feel so nauseous.' They're so tight, who knows what you're cutting off?''

The 'Legally Blonde' star has made a number of memorable cameo appearances over the years, but none has stayed with her quite like her guest role on 'Friends', which she credits for giving her a career in Hollywood as a comic actress.

She previously mused: ''Oh yeah [it was fun on 'Friends']. But it's really weird. There's a huge difference between being a guest star and being a part of something. You think you're having this unique experience but they have this experience every week so it's not quite how you think.''

Jennifer is one of the rare actresses to shun Spanx, since a host of A-list stars swear by the power of the magic undergarments.

Isla Fisher, Naomi Watts and allegedly even Brad Pitt wear the underwear on the red carpet to achieve a slim figure.