Jennifer Connelly felt ''safe'' being directed by her husband.

The 43-year-old actress stars in 'Shelter', which her actor spouse Paul Bettany has also written, and says knowing he was in charge made her less worried about ''making a fool'' of herself.

She said: ''One couldn't feel more safe as an actor than knowing that the director's your husband. It's like, Oh, if I really make a fool of myself, I can just say, 'Honey, can you please not put that in the movie?' ''

The actress has starred in three movies with Russell Crowe - 'A Beautiful Mind', 'Winter's Tale' and 'Noah' and he thinks they work together well because they have an ''easy intimacy''.

He said: ''We have an easy intimacy. We act together like the best kisses: We both bring equal passion.''

Jennifer raises 16-year-old Kai - her son from a previous relationship, Stellan, 10, and two-year-old Agnes with Paul and she doesn't want to have any more kids.

She told the new edition of Allure magazine: ''I knew that we were going to be done after number three. That's enough for us.''

And the brunette beauty insists she doesn't worry about looking beautiful as she would rather be happy than ''torture'' herself.

She said: ''The thing that really matters to me is well-being and happiness. Maybe it comes from knowing people who have tortured themselves trying to meet these strangely narrow and rigorous definitions of what our culture thinks is beautiful.''