Jennifer Connelly has been forced to move from the Brooklyn home she shared with her actor husband Paul Bettany - because the actress was convinced the house was haunted.
Connelly grew up not far from the couple's New York home, where they planned to raise their six-year-old son Stellan and Connelly's 12-year-old son Kai from a previous relationship.
But when the kids echoed Connelly's fears about the paranormal, the couple packed the house and moved to Manhattan.
She says, "It was a little big... like a haunted mansion, a creepy house. It had that kind of feel to it and it was just wrong for us in a lot of ways. It felt like we were going to get child services calling us because we had this nice house and the kids were sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags because they were afraid to go sleep in their rooms, so we moved. We're liking (Manhattan). It's easy. it's comfortable, everyone sleeps."