Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter has credited fellow actress Laura Linney with launching her Hollywood career.
Carpenter, who plays Detective Debra Morgan in the serial killer series, shared the Broadway stage with Linney in 2002, and couldn't believe her luck when her co-star later helped her land a key audition that paved the way for her success.
She tells Zap2It, "Laura Linney is responsible for me getting (a role in 2005 horror movie) The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which led to Dexter, so I owe her everything.
"We did The Crucible together (on Broadway), and after that, she was attached to Emily Rose. She's the reason I got to audition for that.
"She's still a very good friend. I'm so grateful, not only for how she's helped me navigate my career, but also for what a really beautiful person she is. She's an amazing woman, and an incredible actress... but you know that!"