Shy FLASHDANCE star Jennifer Beals only agreed to appear on Scot CRAIG FERGUSON's late night US chat show because she has a crush on the host.

During an appearance on the LATE LATE SHOW on Wednesday night (16FEB05), the actress confessed to Ferguson that she rarely gives TV interviews, but made an exception for him because she fancies him.

Then, during the interview, Beals admitted she was having trouble concentrating.

She explained, "I just look at you, you're so cute. I can't even listen to you."

The actress also revealed she has always been a fan of Scots and Scotland after enjoying a romantic time there with her boyfriend.

She recalled, "The thing that I remember most is we had a romantic interlude in a field... and I remember having a post-romantic interlude in a field.

"I remember waking up to this big pair of Wellington boots... It was the farmer whose field it was and he started screaming at us in a language that I knew was English, but I couldn't understand."

18/02/2005 03:12