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Jennifer Beals Responds To Critics Accusing Her Of Leaving Her Dog In A Hot Car

There’s a few basic things any dog owner knows you absolutely should not do and one of them, listen closely Jennifer Beals, is leave your dog in a hot car in summer. But that’s exactly...

Jennifer Beals Confronted For Leaving Dog In Hot Car

The Flashdance star was filmed in a confrontation with a passerby, who spotted the animal and called authorities. In the video footage, Beals insists "it's fine" to leave the animal in...

David Duchovny Wanted Jennifer Beals For The X-files

In the late 1980s, both Duchovny and the Flashdance star attended the prestigious Ivy League school, and Beals has revealed her run-ins with the actor were always a bit cheeky. She tells...

Beals Turns Down Dancing With The Stars

FLASHDANCE star JENNIFER BEALS was put off making an appearance as a contestant on U.S. TV show Dancing with the Stars after visiting the studio to cheer on pal MARLEE MATLIN.The actress had been considering...

Eisenberg's First Kiss Was Killer Smooch With Beals

Actor JESSE EISENBERG still can't believe his luck - his first full-on kiss was with FLASHDANCE pin-up JENNIFER BEALS.The young star was 18 when he landed his first movie, Rodger Dodger, opposite Beals - and...

Beals Loved Lesbian Sex Scenes

Actress JENNIFER BEALS thrived shooting raunchy lesbian sex scenes in TV show THE L WORD, because she is totally comfortable with her sexuality. The actress claims her co-stars on the lesbian-themed show found it difficult...

Jennifer Beals Pregnant

FLASHDANCE star JENNIFER BEALS has announced she's pregnant with her first child. A representative for the actress has confirmed to PEOPLE magazine that the 41-year-old actress is expecting her first child in November (05)....

Beals Admits To Crush On Ferguson

Shy FLASHDANCE star JENNIFER BEALS only agreed to appear on Scot CRAIG FERGUSON's late night US chat show because she has a crush on the host. During an appearance on the LATE LATE SHOW...

Beal Wants Gellar To Say The L Word

Sexy actress JENNIFER BEALS would love to have an onscreen lesbian romp with SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR - and the attraction is mutual. The FLASHDANCE actress has become an icon after her steamy performances in...

Starry End For Frasier

Long-running American sitcom FRASIER went out in style last night (13MAY04) with a show of stars. The regular cast was joined by ROBBIE COLTRANE, RICHARD E GRANT, LAURA LINNEY, WENDY MALLICK, JENNIFER BEALS and...

Beals Turned Down Flashdance Sequel

Actress JENNIFER BEALS turned down a lucrative chance to reprise her popular role in a sequel to hit movie FLASHDANCE - because artistic credibility is more important to her than money. The ROGER DODGER...

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