Last night the cast of ‘Friends’ (minus Matthew Perry) reunited for a one-off special honouring director James Burrows. While it might not have been the full reunion that fans wanted, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc and David Schwimmer were all on hand to spill secrets from the series, over a decade after they said goodbye for good.

Aniston revealed that the six of them were not just ‘Friends’ on screen, but in real life too. 'We fell in love with each other and wanted to hang out,’ Aniston said. The cast even enjoyed playing poker together and for the first year of the show they would watch each episode together every week, at one another’s apartments.

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Aniston, Cox and Kudrow also ate the same lunch every day together for 10 years. It was a salad, which they called the ‘Jennifer’ which consisted of a basic Cobb salad that Aniston adapted with the addition of turkey bacon and garbanzo beans.

Host Andy Cohen then tried to get some real gossip by asking if the rumour that the cast had to sign a contract agreeing not to sleep with each other was true. While no one confirmed or denied its existence Kudrow said: ‘I was not asked to sign anything like that.”

Aniston also told the story of how she and Courtney Cox initially auditioned for one another’s roles. Aniston had first read for the part of Monica Geller, while Cox read Rachel Green’s part. ‘I think we both just thought that the other was better for the other part,’ Aniston recalled.

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The reunion was part of an NBC special honouring James Burrows who had just directed his 1000th episode of television, for the upcoming NBC comedy, ‘Crowded’. ‘There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for James Burrows,’ Aniston said. ‘He gave us the opportunity of a lifetime, and probably the best ten years of our acting careers. He’s our Papa’.