Jennifer Aniston feels "labelled" since she entered her 40s.

The 42-year-old actress claims people view you differently once you move out of your 30s and into the next decade of your life.

She explained: "All of a sudden you're labelled, you're a number. It wasn't like 30-plus or 30-something. It's just that all of sudden, it's like, 'Wow for your age, not so bad.' It's like, 'What?' "

Appearing on the 'Rachael Ray Show', the 'Just Go With It' star says the experience has been like "all of a sudden" people are "making it sound like life is coming very shortly to an end. It's weird".

The screen beauty - who shot to fame playing Rachel Green on 'Friends' - also revealed if she hadn't made it as an actress she would have wanted to be a party planner.

She said: "I would want to be a party planner. I love planning a party, I love mixing people together. I love getting the food ready, it's just fun. And people always have a good time."