It’s rare to see Jennifer Aniston on social media so it came as a surprise when her face popped up on Kate Hudson’s Instagram. Hudson managed to grab a selfie with Aniston on the set of Mother’s Day and shared the picture with her 2.1 million followers. The picture appeared to be on the first day of filming as Hudson marked it ‘Day 1’ so we may see more of Aniston on Hudson’s social media as filming progresses.

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston at the L.A. premiere of She's Funny That Way in August 2015.

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‘Day 1: Who's that gorgeous lady peekin over my shoulder,’ Hudson captioned the image.

Hudson also included a hashtag encouraging Aniston to join Instagram. We’re not sure this will go over well with Aniston who is notoriously private. Aniston’s wedding to Justin Theroux was a closely guarded secret and Howard Stern, who gave a speech at the wedding, even complained about not being permitted to have his phone at the ceremony. However, considering the fervour of Aniston’s fans, we’re not surprised the former Friends star isn’t keen on sharing many details about her life. 

Aniston’s only social media concession was a day in charge of Living Proof’s Instagram earlier this year in which she shared images from her average day. Unlike some celebrities, Aniston didn’t share any selfies but mainly focussed on her meals throughout the day and her use of Living Proof’s products. However, with her well shot images and nicely phrased captions, she was certainly a natural when it came to using Instagram.

Hudson and Aniston star opposite Julia Roberts Mother’s Day. According to reports in Deadline, Mother’s Day is a romantic comedy which follows the intertwining lives of several mothers as the annual holiday approaches. The movie is the third instalment in director Garry Marshall’s holiday themed movies which include New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day

Jason Sudeikis also stars in the upcoming film. The 39-year-old actor previously worked with Aniston on We’re the Millers in 2013. 

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