Jennifer Aniston admits that she is even body conscious!

The 45 year-old actress, who was voted 'sexiest women of all time' by Men's Health, gave a rare candid interview with Self, and revealed whose body she desires.

Aniston also shared why she hates 'selfies' and her own guilty pleasures.

When the 'Friends' alum was asked who would she trade bodies with for 24 hours, she replied;

"Would I really want to give it back? I'd love to be able to ski like a crazy person, like Lindsey Vonn. Then I'd also like to have Gisele's body, just 'cuz, why not?"

But don't expect any bikini or vacation snaps of Aniston showing off her own figure as she does not own an Instagram account, nor wants to.

"I don't understand them," the 'We're the Millers' actress explained. "I feel like there's enough out there, why add to it?"

But Aniston did reveal a fact that nobody else knows about,, her favorite cocktail.

"No one knows that I can make a great Bloody Mary," she said. "It's actually just Mr. & Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix! It's very trailer trash. But it's the amount of lime, a splash of olive juice and a couple of other secrets I can't give away."

So what does one of Hollywood's most sought after actresses watch on television?

Aniston told the mag that her guilty pleasures were, "The Voice and America's Got Talent. The auditions really kind of are fabulous."

But one thing she does hate is people singing along with the radio.

"Oh my God, I hate it," she admitted. "I like to hear the song-don't sing it. Please! I'd record you to sing it if I wanted to hear you sing it."

Jennifer Aniston
Aniston is also known for her desirable figure