Jennifer Aniston stunned at the Los Angeles premiere of her upcoming television movie 'Call Me Crazy: A Five Film' this week. The former Friends star executive produced the movie - a compilation of short films about mental illness premiering April 20 on the Lifetime channel. At the premiere, Aniston joked that he's a total "pushover" when in charge.

For a television movie, Call Me Crazy boasts a pretty impressive looking cast, with Jennifer Hudson, Brittany Snow and Oscar winners Melissa Leo and Octavia Spencer. "We were lucky to get the cast that we got," Aniston told the BBC at Tuesday's premiere, "We want to our dream team and we just had all the star align, and people were just willing and excited to jump on board just because they wanted to be a part of this topic of mental illness. To remove the stigma to remove the shame."

Hudson gives a stirring performance in a particularly emotional role, saying, "I'm passionate about the things I do, and I felt that this was something that was worth doing. Mental illness is something that's there, that we don't realise it's there. I definitely wanted the chance to help raise awareness."

Though the acting cast is certainly impressive, the director credits are arguably more high profile, with Laura Dern, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ashley Judd, Bonnie Hunt and Sharon Maguire helming separate segments of the movie.) 

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Jennifer Aniston Call Me Crazy
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