Jennifer Aniston takes her own salad to eat on the plane when she flies.

The 46-year-old actress doesn't want to have to satisfy her hunger with a calorific in-flight meal and always makes herself a healthy lunch to munch on when she's travelling for work or for fun.

In an interview with Yahoo! Health, she said: ''I usually bring my own lunch of a packed salad just in case they don't have something I want. ''I get nervous about ordering fish on an airplane - it's terrible for the guy next to you! The smell just lingers and you're like, 'Sorry! So sorry. The fish was a terrible choice.' ''

Aniston also makes sure she drinks lots of water but does treat herself to a Bloody Mary cocktail - which is made with vodka, tomato juice, Worcester sauce and Tabasco sauce - once she's settled into her seat.

She said: ''(You must drink) water, water, water, on an airplane. If there is a drink happening, it's usually a Bloody Mary, which I don't ever order except when I'm on an airplane.''

Aniston - who is engaged to actor Justin Theroux - has also devised her own cure for jet lag, a tough run as soon as you get to your hotel.

She revealed: ''When you land after a long, long flight, go hit the gym and do a 30-minute run. It has worked for me - when I've actually had the energy to go and do it!''