Jennifer Aniston why oh why do you struggle so much in your love life? She could have any man she wants and while we all know that the actress just wants is to be happy and to settle down with a man at last, it looks like her plans to find someone to spend the rest of her days with have been put on hold once again. Anniston and fiance Justin Theroux have reportedly put their wedding on hold as the two struggle to work around their filming commitments and other jobs and are reportedly spending their time bickering whenever they are together.

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Jen looks as though she has another failed relationship to add to the rest

Following her split from Brad Pitt after serving as the golden couple of Hollywood for years, seemingly destined to stand the test of time unlike so many other famous pairings, Jen has become the media's go-to sob story and once again she is proving her worth to the press. As entertaining as it may be to peer into the love life of another, this isn't what anyone wants, not even the most ardent of Jen-A lovers, because the girl really deserves her happy ending. We really thought Justin could be just that, but it is looking increasingly unlikely as the pair are apparently as distant as they've ever been in their relationship and show few signs of mending it.

Jennifer Aniston Call Me Crazy
She has always seemed so un-break-up-with-able

With Jen pretty much tied down to Los Angeles, apart from when she is filming on location, Justin's supposed abhorrence of LA isn't making things any easier for the two. The lack of direct communication is putting a real strain on the pair's relationship and after seemingly going so well, the couple is now on the ropes and on the verge of collapsing. Some people close to Justin have also been discussing their surprise at Justin's proposal in the first place, as the The Leftovers star has long been considered as too bohemian to be a married man.

We all hope something turns up for the books and if this one does work out, all we can say is that there's plenty of fish in the sea and Jen's definitely got the bait to draw in someone.

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There must be someone out there for Jen.