It's a widely publicised fact that Jennifer Aniston fell in love with her co-star Justin Theroux on the set of Wanderlust. There must have been something in the water on set, though, because it wasn't only Justin that Jen fell in love with whilst she was filming the movie. She told the presenters of the UK breakfast TV show Daybreak that she also fell in love with a goat.
According to a story from the UK Press Association today (March 1, 2012), Aniston told the show's hosts that she fell for the goat during filming, saying "When we were doing our screen test, I met that goat because I had never milked a goat in my life... I grew up in New York City. But I fell in love with our goat!" In the movie, Aniston plays Paul Rudd's partner; the pair of them move to the country and stay in a hippy commune. The freewheeling lifestyle doesn't appeal to the 43 year-old actress though, as she explained in the interview: "Getting away is always something I love to do, of course," said Aniston, "but the commune I think is a little extreme."