Jennifer Aniston discussed her love life and her difficult thirties in an interview with Glamour magazine.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston at SELF Magazine's celebration of Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover.

Appearing in a slinky black dress on the September cover of Glamour magazine, Aniston talked about her life with Justin Theroux, her opinion on therapy and her fashion choices.

During her Glamour interview, Aniston opened up to her We're the Miller's co-star Jason Sudeikis about her thirties. After discussing each decade of her life with her twenties receiving a passable "OK", she paused when considering her thirties. This was the decade when she married Brad Pitt and had to deal with the resulting divorce. This was further complicated by Pitt's highly publicised relationship with Angelina Jolie, whom he'd met (whilst still married to Aniston) on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith

In hindsight, Aniston said she would have advisee herself to: "go to therapy. Clean up all of the sh*t. Clean up all of the toxins and the noise. Understand who you are. Educate yourself on the self."

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston
Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston at 26th American Cinematheque Award Gala held at the Beverly Hills Hilton, L.A.

However, she also knows there's little point having regrets and that her wellbeing has improved. Aniston continued to say "You can undo a lot of things," she continued. "If you're not happy, you can become happy. Happiness is a choice. That's the thing I really feel. Like with friends who refuse to get happy, who refuse to rise above the place where they're at."

According to Aniston, anyone can be happy but you have to "truly love yourself". She believes it is this which allows people to "attract" prospective partners. 

Aniston is now in her forties: she is happily in a relationship with Justin Theroux and her latest film, We're the Millers, is due to be released at the beginning of August. 

See Aniston in We're The Millers:

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We're the Millers is due to be released on 7th August in the US and the 23rd August in the UK. 

Jason Sudekis
Jason Sudekis at the New York premiere of Epic.