Jennifer Aniston has asked a hotel maitre'd to plan her wedding.

The 'Cake' actress has shunned the services of a professional wedding planner and has instead asked Dimitri Dimitrov from Los Angeles' Sunset Tower Hotel to help arrange her nuptials to Justin Theroux.

A source said: ''Jen has spent so much time at Sunset Tower over the years that she and Dimitri have become close friends.

''He personally escorts her in and out of a back entrance so she is never hounded by the paparazzi.

''Jen has put him in charge of the flowers and linens - anything that will make the party flow.

''Obviously he is running everything by her but she's relying on his expertise - and, most importantly, the fact he'll be discreet.''

And the 46-year-old star will also be getting assistance from other staff at the hotel for her big day, which is expected to take place at her Bel Air home this autumn.

The source added to Grazia magazine: ''Dimitri has enlisted the hotel's chef, Leo, to take care of the food.

''But none of the vendors will know they are doing a wedding for Jennifer Aniston until the very last minute to ensure complete privacy.

''Dimitri is overseeing everything to make sure that it is perfect.''

Jennifer has previously spoken in praise of Dimitri, who has been nicknamed 'Man of the Tower' and famously reads gossip magazines to stay on top of any showbiz feuds to avoid awkward seating situations.

She said in 2011: ''He creates this little pocket of safety, a haven where you know you're not getting sold out by the waiter, a patron or the valet guy.''