Former FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston is terrified of flying after having a frightening experience on a flight to New York City. The actress' phobia started when she was caught in a treacherous storm in a small plane. She explains, "I had one really bad flight where we were caught in an electrical storm. It was from Toronto to New York, which is an hour flight and it took two hours. "We shouldn't have been in the air. We were flying and every once in a while I'd see a field and I'd say, 'Just land it, put it down, put it on the freeway!' "What scares me is taking off, because I don't understand how the plane gets up there. "I've heard all about the aerodynamics, the speed, the engine. "Of course, when your numbers up, it's up. Maybe I'm just a control freak. "I'm still nervous - though much better than I was." Aniston is determined to overcome her fear and take some time off to travel this summer (06), possibly to Greece to visit family. She adds, "I'm definitely taking a really big trip. I feel like I haven't been anywhere."