Jennifer Aniston made sure that Jimmy Kimmel had a smashing start to his show, when it debuted at the new timeslot of 11:35pm (shifted from 12:05 to ramp up the competition with Jay Leno).

Aniston, apparently mistakenly believing that she was appearing on the last show of the old time slot, rather than the first show of the new time slot, smashed up Kimmel’s desk with a sledgehammer, wearing protective goggles and ear defenders.

Staggering across the stage area in heels and a peplum dress, Aniston feigned surprise when Kimmel explained that she had, in fact, smashed up his new desk before the two of them joked, in some kind of tail-chasing-mock-ironic manner about what a ridiculous situation that was and why none of the show’s staff had stopped Aniston from entering the stage with a sledgehammer.

When they were done joking about the destruction of the office furniture, Jimmy and Jen had a chat about their recent holiday together (Jimmy is mates with Justin Theroux, Jennifer’s fiancée) and then the chat show host decided to let the former Friends star loose on his hair. Jennifer used to cut people’s hair when she was a kid and Jimmy asked if she’d do the honours for him. Jennifer then went on to give Jimmy a live trim. A hair-raising start to Kimmel’s new time-slot, then. Let’s see if he can keep up the momentum. 

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Watch Jennifer Aniston smashing up Jimmy Kimmel's desk: