Remains found at Jenni Rivera's plane crash site have been identified as those of the Latin superstar.

Rivera and six other passengers were aboard a private Learjet 25 when it went down in Nuevo Leon, Mexico on Sunday (09Dec12), and all were presumed dead after wreckage of the aircraft was found scattered near the city of Monterrey.

Dna samples from the scene were transported to a nearby hospital for testing and now the state spokesman has confirmed the 43 year old's death and turned her remains over to her family, reports

The news comes as a crushing blow to the tragic star's relatives, who were holding out hope Rivera might still be found alive - her brother, Juan Rivera, told Reuters on Tuesday (11Dec12), "In our eyes, we still have faith that our sister will be Ok. We thank God for the life that he has given... my sister. For all the triumphs and successes she has had, and we expect that there will be more in the future."

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but on Thursday (13Dec12) two state officials who secured the crash scene were taken into custody after investigators found belongings from the victims at both their homes.

Officials also believe one of the cops is responsible for leaking images, including body parts and personal documents, to the Mexican media after top secret photographs of the site were discovered on his/her personal cell phone.

The pair's names were not released.