Jenni Rivera's son has paid tribute to his tragic mother with a new piece of body art completed by celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D.

The Mexican-American superstar died in a horrific plane crash on 9 December (12), and now her eldest child, Mikey, has gone under the needle to get a massive inking of her likeness on his right arm.

He documented the experience for an upcoming episode of his family's reality show, I Love Jenni, and during the segment he thanked Von D for agreeing to do the project, saying, "To be able to have Kat Von D do my tattoo (was really special)... As an artist, I really appreciate her craft."

The image was taken from the singer's La Misma Gran Senora album cover, and Mikey added, "I love this picture because my mum looks so at peace and triumphant, and it’s from the album she released when I was young and always on the road with her... (it was) also my favourite album of hers."