The news that JWoww is engaged to her partner Roger Mathews may well come as a disappointment to some fans of Jersey Shore. The main allure of the programme, after all, is the element of voyeurism as viewers get an insight into its young stars’ wild partying antics. What will happen to Jersey Shore now that the cast are all starting to grow up and settle down? Snooki just had a baby and is also engaged to get married and now, her BFF JWoww, aka Jenni Farley just got engaged too. Soon, there won’t be many single people left on the show!

This latest news of JWoww’s engagement has prompted some cynical onlookers to pit her and Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi) against each other in some kind of ‘race to the divorce court.’ have posted an article today entitled “JWoww or Snooki: Whose Marriage Will Last Longer?” Ouch! Neither of them have actually made it up the aisle so perhaps it’s a little harsh to be placing bets on which one of them will stay married longer.

JWoww has been showing off her massive engagement ring, in an exclusive photo shoot and interview that she gave to In Touch magazine. She also revealed the dramatic style in which JWoww and Roger got engaged. The couple decided to take part in a daring skydive together and when they landed, she realised he was holding up a sign, asking her to marry him. Obviously she said yes and he presented her with an impressive diamond sparkler.