Jennette McCurdy’s ‘sexy selfies’ scandal casting a wave of doubt over the future of her successful Nickelodeon show Sam and Cat, which has not yet been renewed for a second series. The leaked photo scandal, however, is just one part of what seems to be a much bigger issue between the star and the network. Who knew there was so much drama off the screen on Nickelodeon?

Sam and Cat star Jennette McCurdySam and Cat star Jennette McCurdy

From 2007 to 2012, Jennette McCurdy starred in iCarly as Sam Puckett, one of the best friends of Miranda Cosgrave’s titular character. When the show ended Nickelodeon were had the bright idea of a spin off show, which would continue McCurdy’s character as well as serve as a spin off to another successful show, Victorious. Victorious, which ran from 2010, until 2013 and starred Victoria Justice as singer Tori Vega with Ariana Grande played her friend Cat Valentine. Grande’s character Cat was the one who got the spin off and she joined McCurdy’s Sam for the new show, Sam and Cat, where the two character set up a babysitting service together.

The first season of Sam and Cat, premiered in June 2013. Originally it was meant to be 20 episodes but its initial success saw the episode order being doubled to 40. For some episodes viewership reached over the 4 million mark. That makes it all the more surprising that the show hasn’t been renewed for a second season, however when you read what’s been going on off the air, more questions than answers about the show are thrown up.

McCurdy and former iCarly co-star Miranda CosgroveMcCurdy and former iCarly co-star Miranda Cosgrove

Last month, McCurdy hit the headlines after some suggestive pictures of her were leaked on the internet. The ‘sexy selfies’ as they were known, featured McCurdy posing in a thong in one picture as well as two others of the star posing on a bed in her underwear. Whilst it’s not known who leaked the pictures, many haves looked to McCurdy’s ex, Detroit Pistons player, Andre Drummond. Prior to the pictures leaking McCurdy had made fun of her ex, then when the pictures came out she tweeted, ‘to anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor’ The football star has however denied he is the one responsible for the photographs making their way on to the internet.

Aside from the photo scandal there’s also been rumors circulating of a rift between McCurdy and her co-star/BFF Ariana Grande. The rumors escalated after McCurdy failed to attend the Kids Choice awards last weekend. The actress had been expected to attend as she was nominated in the favourite star category but the award went to her co star Ariana Grande. With the rumor mill running over McCurdy took to Twitter to explain her absence saying, ‘ was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me. I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing.’ The star went on to say, ‘I want to thank those of you who have reached out with kind words of support, McCurdians and Arianators alike. No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first. If you have done that, thank you.’

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Its currently unclear just exactly what McCurdy’s problem with the network is. Nickelodeon has come out to say they’ve supported her through the selfie scandal with a rep saying, ‘the photos caused no issues between McCurdy and the network, and we have the utmost respect for her.’ In another statement they addressed the on set situation saying, ‘we are wrapping up what was an unusually long production cycle of Sam & Cat, and everyone is understandably tired,’ which doesn't really make things any clearer. As far as TMZ are concerned the McCurdy/Nickelodeon dispute is all about money. The website is reporting that ‘Grande makes way more money than (McCurdy) and she's been trying to renegotiate her deal ... so far to no avail.’

Jennnette McCurdyWill Jennnette McCurdy return for another Sam and Cat?

Fox are now reporting that a network rep has said Sam and Cat will return next fall, which should surely allow fans to breathe a sigh of relief. But the show’s problems might not be over yet with McCurdy’s photo scandal still making headlines and the rumours of a rift with Grande not yet dying down. While Nickelodeon might be responsible for putting a smile on the face of their young viewers, it seems maybe behind the scenes, things really aren't so cheery.

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