Jenna Jameson won't be charged with battery.

The former adult movie star was arrested on April 6 after allegedly using her 'brass knuckle' iPhone case to attack personal assistant Britney Markham at a salon on Newport Beach, but law enforcement officers told website TMZ that she won't face charges as the Orange County District Attorney's Office have decided there isn't enough evidence to convict.

However, the case could still have repercussions for Jenna - who has starred in such films as 'Lip Service', 'Priceless' and 'Wicked Weapon' - as Britney has applied for a restraining order against her.

She is also expected to follow up with a civil suit against her alleged attacker.

Jenna - who was arrested hours before she was due to attend an early birthday party for herself - had claimed Britney had robbed her in a series of tweets which have now been deleted.

She posted on Twitter: ''Wow just got Robbed by a friend @britneymarkham she accused me of gusting her, and [then] broke into my home and took everything.''

Alleged victim Britney - who is also a porn star - reportedly flagged down a police officer after putting Jenna under citizen's arrest. She has since posted a picture on Instagram of her lying in a hospital bed attached to a drip with the caption ''This is what u did to me and u accuse me of stealing (sic)''.complete b********er, must be hard to keep the lie alive... (sic)''