Jenna Jameson has suggested she's converted to Judaism.

The retired adult film star - who's previously spoken about following the Catholic faith - has posted a series of messages on social media that infer she's converting to the religion ahead of her marriage to Israeli Lior Bitton.

In reference to the Jewish day of rest, known as the Shabbat, Jenna recently tweeted: ''Starting my grocery list for my Shabbat menu... Excited to try a few new recipes!!! (sic)''

Later, she posted: ''Finished with my grocery list for my latest menu for Shabbat!''

Jenna also posted an image of a home-made meal, with the caption: ''I made home made Chilean sea bass chraimeh, potato pancakes, Israeli salad and yummy challah! (sic)''

The 41-year-old star's apparent conversion has been praised by her social media followers, some of whom have expressed their encouragement, prompting Jenna to reply: ''Such amazing support!''

By contrast, Jenna - who has six-year-old twin boys, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette - claimed in 2013 that she's always been ''extremely Catholic''.

She said: ''I'm very religious.

''I think that we've come a long way religiously. I don't think that you have to take the Bible literally ... And I love being able to teach my children what it means to just believe and have the strength of faith ... I've always been extremely Catholic.

''My father was Catholic, and he brought me up that way.''